Types of Microscope for Kids

By | May 13, 2013

Buying a microscope for your child is one of the best ways to start his or her life on the right scientific footing. Microscopes are specifically good for those children who are keen to specialize on this field and nurturing that for your child at the earliest age is very crucial. It is a good idea now that we are in a modernized and digitized era and should be encouraged all the time. In the market, you will get a variety of microscope for kids to make the final choice from which might end up confusing you on the right choice to make. Feel not intimidated anymore as this piece will discuss all the major types of the microscope for your sake and that of all people out to make similar purchases.

Types of Microscope for Kids
Types of Microscope for Kids

To begin with, there is My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope which comes with some of the best and well designed features to enhance the user’s experience.  Its quality is of the highest standards that can be found in the market today while its price tag is low allowing even low income earners to own one. You cannot get a microscope that is low priced and durable at the same time which makes this type a must buy for you. The quality of images delivered by this microscope is very clear and of good quality which is the main thing that you will be looking to enjoy from the one you buy.

You have to be very careful when buying this type of microscope because it comes with twin modes. There is the compound which holds the specimens once on the slides while stereo mode is used to specifically take a clear view of images in a 3D platform. Make sure that the mode you settle for between the two is well suited to satisfy your needs and meets all the specified requirements. You will also enjoy a fully packed accessory kit that this microscope comes with upon purchase. Inside the kit, you will find lens papers, forceps, test tubes as well as slides.

Types of Microscopes (Examville)

The Thames and Kosmos Tk2 Scope is yet another type that you can consider when making the right choice. It is equally fairly priced and its end results are of impeccable quality that you will be happy to enjoy. It is a very powerful and well-built microscope for kids that you will ever come across in the market and it is a reason for you to prioritize its purchase ahead of the rest. It has a manual that has instructions on how the slides should be operated as well as how new experiments can be handled. With that, it will be very easy for your child to operate this gadget.

Finally, there is the Konus Konuscience Zoom 1200xBiological Microscope which is a good option for enhancing your child’s scientific power.  Its zoom is one of the most powerful and can capture even the tiniest of the details from a specimen. Additionally, it encourages a child to be more innovative through performing new experiments.

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